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Dean Scheu

Dean Scheu Senior Business Development Executive in Advanced Media & Mobile Internet Design Applications

Dean Scheu is an Entertainment/Media/Technology Executive with over 20 years experience working for Fortune 500 companies and well funded start-ups. For a full resume please go to my website at

Dean Scheu's Background

Dean Scheu's Experience

Chief Stratgy Officer at Final Draft, Inc.

January 2011 - December 2011

Responsible for working directly with the CEO and the senior management team with a goal to increase revenue. Advised the company to sell Script magazine to increase profitability and market focus. The sale of Script closed in December 2011. Other area's of responsibilities included analyzing management systems and processes, legal guidance, business development strategies and tactics, and represented the company at key industry conferences (NAB, Digital Hollywood & others).

CMO at BeeTV

2008 - December 2010

Dean Scheu as Chief Marketing Officer I was responsible for the worldwide marketing efforts for this technology recommendation company. beeTV was a software application that was intended to offer users a personal television recommendation system.

CMO at StimTV

2007 - 2007 | Los Angeles

Dean Scheu was CMO for StimTV

Interactive Executive at Comcast Spotlight

2003 - 2005 | Los Angeles

Dean Scheu was a interactive executive for Comcast.

Director of Sales and Marketing at Rotor Communications, Inc.

1999 - 2003 | Hollywood, CA

Dean Scheu was Director of Sales and Marketing for Rotor Communications, Inc.

CEO at Final Brief, Inc.

November 2011

Dean G. Scheu, Jr. is the CEO for Final Brief a cloud software company that devlops & markets cloud platforms as a service (PaaS). The platforms we develope can best be described as going from a standard cell phone to the Apple iPhone. The easy to use point and click software is intuitive and fun to use.

Dean Scheu Co-founder at HSI Communications, Inc.

2006 | Los Angeles

HSI is a leader in te field of bridging the gap between new technologies and entertainment. We specialize in the areas of Marketing, PR, Business Development and Capital funding with VC's. Clients have included; Intel Capital, HP, Trailer Park, and others.

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